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posted Dec 31, 2011, 5:41 AM by Hassan Yakout   [ updated Jan 2, 2012, 6:45 AM ]
OstazOnline offers an excellent alternative to in-person tutoring, because of
  • convenience: Children learn in the privacy and comfort of their own home, without the need to travel to and from an in-person tutor

  • top-notch teachers: Teachers are hand-selected, thoroughly screened, and backed and monitored by consultants for every subject who bring years of experience from the Egyptian Ministry of Education

  • value for money: A 60% cost savings over in-person tutoring

OstazOnline builds trust with parents because

  • the average class size is 15 pupils, meaning children get focused attention from their teacher

  • attendance is tracked, with repeat absences resulting in parents receiving a phone call from the educational administrators

  • real-time quality monitoring during each daily session ensures that the tutoring session incorporates all students' needs and that the session moves forward as per the learning plan

  • a call center is available for help 6 days a week (every day except Thursday) from 1am to 11pm

  • if the child needs to miss a lesson such as due to illness, live lessons are recorded and archived for offline access

  • service is on a month-by-month contract, so parents can see the results and decide for themselves about continuing, rather than getting locked into a long-term agreement

  • parents are able to see results through their child’s performance in their day-to-day school work and exams

  • OstazOnline is the education that helps students understands rather than memorize